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Own a Cosmetic Kiosk

Own a kiosk in a mall selling Iman, Flori Roberts, Color Me Beautiful, Patti LaBelle, Gale Hayman, Adrien Arpel or Interface -- nationally known and advertised brands.


Why Two Owners Joined and How They're Doing

Annetta Cornelius
Annetta Cornelius wanted a career where she could connect with women who wanted to look their best. "Women tell me I lift their spirits. It's my job to bring out my clients' beauty. I love how they radiate when I'm finished."

Annetta heard Color Me Beautiful, Inc., a cosmetics company, was willing to set up deserving individuals as business owners.

Annetta didn't anticipate such a profitable business. "The first day I sold over $600 and that was before I could get everything out of the boxes. Right then I said, 'Whoa, this is going to work!'", says Annetta from her kiosk in a Northern Virginia shopping mall.

Says Annetta, "I couldn't find anything else that was even close to this opportunity. Other things I looked at cost much, much more."

"Within a year, many owners are self-sufficient and on to opening a second kiosk." Says Annetta, "I enthusiastically recommend this opportunity to any woman who wants to be in business for herself. She can make $60,000 to $110,000 a year from just one kiosk".

“A kiosk owner can make $60,000 to $110,000 a year with just one kiosk!"

-- Annetta Cornelius
Potomac Mills, VA

Donna Reaves

It didn't take Donna Reaves long to understand how much she could earn selling cosmetics from her Florida mall. Says Donna, "With a kiosk, you're in the middle of the mall and there's lots of customer traffic. I sell about 3 times more than the department stores."

Donna goes on to say, "This beats being an employee. I'm earning more than I did before. I started making money immediately. What other business opportunity can you say that about? And, best of all, I've just scratched the surface."

"I started making money immediately. And, I'm earning more than I did before. Best of all, I've just scratched the surface."

-- Donna Reaves
Jacksonville, FL

Affordable and Turn-Key

You get a turn-key system. There's a modest investment which is a fraction of the expense of similar cosmetic franchises. If you want this opportunity badly enough, even if you currently don't have the money, we'll help you make it happen.

You receive everything you need to start your business:
  • A license to sell your choice of our cosmetic brands.
  • Four days of training (including hotel and transportation) at Color Me Beautiful, Inc.'s world headquarters new Washington, DC.
  • All normal start-up operating expenses including:
    • First Month's Rent
    • Your Business License
    • Insurance and Registration Fees
    • Fixturing
    • Cash register and credit card terminal
    • Phone installation and start-up supplies
  • $5,000 in start-up inventory of CMB cosmetics, skin care, and fragrances of your choice.
  • Assistance finding your mall location and negotiating the lease.
  • Hands-on on-site launch support when you open your business and ongoing support thereafter


Next step is to call 1-800-606-3435 press 2 and talk with one of our Career Counselors. Of, fill in and send the form below and one of our Career Counselors will call you back.

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Important Forms and Documents

  • Predictive Test: It is important to fill out this form. It helps us get to know you.
  • License Agreement: This is the agreement that you take when you become a Kiosk Owner. It is very important that you read and keep this document for future reference.



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