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Get Free Product. Be Your Own Boss. Earn Great Extra Income. Join A Once-In-A-Lifetime Ground-Floor Opportunity


Imagine selling nationally-known, prestige brands from your home. Brands such as Adrien Arpel, Flori Roberts, Iman, Color Me Beautiful, Patti LaBelle, Interface and Gale Hayman. These brands are well-known and highly regarded.

As a direct sales Color Me Beautiful Consultant, you can earn up to a 61% profit from selling your cosmetics - the best profit, by far, in the industry. So, by being a Consultant, you get products you know and love. And, you'll have fun and earn a great income selling to friends and colleagues.

And, for those wanting to sponsor and develop others, our Career Plan is exceptional. Despite the program being new, we have leaders who are earning $10,000 or more in leadership commissions each month. Not bad for having joined less than a year-and-a-half ago.

For beginners or part-timers, you can take advantage of our "At Your Service" no-inventory program where we mail product directly to your customers and pay you up to a 40% commission.

Color Me Beautiful just introduced its Mercedes E320 Car Program. As one of our leaders, you now can drive one of the most beautiful and elegant cars on the road.

Your Initial Investment is Small
and Can Be Earned Back in a Week

Choose from one of two Career Pack assortments: (1) Flori Roberts, Patti LaBelle, and Interface best of the best products or (2) Color Me Beautiful, Adrian Arpel, and Gale Hayman of Beverly Hills.

Your Career Pack is only $99 plus $20 shipping and handling (for a total investment of $119). Retail value approximately $350. Your Career pack contains everything you need to start your business including tester products for our best selling skin care and foundations. The quality of these products ensures satisfied clients will return again and again. You also receive your business materials including training manuals, trays and mirrors to do makeovers and a professional carrying case.

Start Selling well-know brands immediately. Many Consultants begin earning a profit their first week.

4 of our Consultants Share Their Experiences

Vertis Gibbs

"I've been a teacher all my life. Now I'm a budding entrepreneur, having made Executive Director in just four months and earning more than I ever did as a teacher. The Flori, Iman, LaBelle and Interface products are awesome. These nationally-recognized brands were developed specifically for women of color and they sell themselves. I'm having fun."

"Color Me Beautiful offers superior skin care products with the Adrien Arpel, Gale Hayman and Color Me Beautiful brands. The results are remarkable. I love them. I enjoy the flexibility of working from my home. This business has become a big part of my life."

JoAnne Richmond
Barbr Kemp

“I love my home-based business and the enthusiasm from my clients. I take advantage of the “At Your Service” no-inventory program. The Company ships products directly to my clients and I earn 40% commissions – sometimes $2,000 a month. It’s an easy way for me to do business.”

"What an exciting adventure. Director in 45 days, Senior Director in three months, and Executive Director in four. I'm earning $121,000 my second year and I'm going nowhere but up. I've worked hard in the airline industry for 23 years and earned less than half of what I'm earning with Color Me Beautiful. I love being my own boss. Most of all, I love helping my sisters be successful with this exciting business."

Diane Williams

Next Steps

Download, return the completed Consultant Agreement (pdf format) with a check or your credit card information. We'lll call you to help you get started.

Or, if you want more information, call 1-800-606-3435 and press 3 to talk with one of our Career Counselors. Or, fill out the information below and email us. A Career Counselor will call.

Contact Color Me Beautiful's
Direct Selling Division
email address
first name
last name
phone number

zipcode / postal code

You are invited to join us on a toll-free conference call on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m. EST. You’ll be able to ask questions and hear from others who, like you, are considering becoming a Color Me Beautiful Consultant. To get on the conference call, dial 1-888-809-4012 and use access code 7034716400.



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