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Women all over the country are building their dreams and having fun selling our exclusive cosmetic lines.

“A kiosk owner can earn six figures a year with just one kiosk!"

Lillie Boyd-Jarrott


“In our first month we sold $20,000!"

Becky Davidson, Linda Springs



Lillie Boyd-Jarrott wanted a career where she could connect with women who wanted to look their best. "Women tell me I lift their spirits. It's my job to bring out my clients' beauty. I love how they radiate when I'm finished."

Lillie heard Color Me Beautiful, a cosmetics company, was willing to set up deserving individuals as business owners. Lillie thought selling well-known department store brands would be an advantage.  Says Lillie, “I realized my cosmetic kiosk in a mall could be profitable.  But, I didn’t realize I would be earning three times what I did as a 25 year manager."

Lillie says, "I couldn't find anything else even close to this opportunity. Other things I looked at cost three or four times more.

Lillie Boyd-Jarrot

"I'm having a great time and making really good money."

Kelly Lawson

"For the first time ever, my skin is flawless. Thankyou Color Me Beautiful."
Audrey Smithson

"Opening a business was new to us. To say the least, it was scary leaving our jobs. However, we always wanted to do something like this.


Thankfully, Color Me Beautiful was there every step of the way with support and guidance. We had a team help us with our launch and have had ongoing on-site visits ever since. And, all that without paying any franchise fees. In addition, our nationally-known cosmetic brands are the best available anywhere."

Sasha Blanche-Bondje & Samantha Tillman


Color Me Beautiful Inc. represents the following cosmetic brands: